Here, a sampling of my original artwork. Custom portraits & artwork are available- contact me for details.



Cupcake- portrait of my friend Super Kawaii Mama

Sylmenstra- portrait of Sylmenstra Hymen of Gwar

Snakecharmer- portrait of my friend Francella


Self Portrait- vector illustration



El Rojo Muerte- portrait of my friend Heather

El Rojo Muerte- the ladylike remix

Fireflies- portrait of my girls Deb & Kenai



Peace & Love- matching portraits of my brother & sister-in-law


La Katrina- my handpainted custom deck for the El Paso Skatepark's Skate Deck Art Show benefit


Cherry- ink & watercolor

Face (detail)- charcoal & pastel

Clara- doodle in magic marker


Gun Crazy- charcoal & pastel

Robyn- ink illustration

Valentine- custom greeting card in ink & watercolor



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